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Audio Video Warehouse   Divlje Jagode   Cald Group

Audio Video Warehouse Pty/Ltd

Melbourne based business. Opened in 2005 and have built a strong and reliable customer service reputation. 



Divlje Jagode

After 35 years of existence, 11 studio albums and sales of millions records, the band is still performing and is recording their 12th studio album.


Cald Group

CALD Group is backed with over 30 years experience in the development, provision and advancement of excellence in the language services industry..

DSG Interactive
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Damjan Deuric   Zele Lipovaca   Urban

Damjan Deuric

Extraordinary keyboard player (currently member of Divlje Jagode)



Zele Lipovaca

A guitar virtuoso, front man of the band “Wild Strawberries” (Divlje Jagode), the band that he established back in 1977.


Urban Furniture

Company Urban d.o.o. has been established in 2007 in Bosnia with prime activity of selling cutom made furniture.

DSG Interactive
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Noor Sarajevo   Rider Bros - Melbourne   Denta

Noor - Sarajevo

Building and Investment Company situated in Sarajevo.



Rider Bros - Melbourne

Rider Bros are providers of high quality training for motorcycle and scooter riders.


Denta Faginovic

Private dental practice Denta F has opened its doors in 1998. Denta F has been providing dental health services at its today's address since 2001. .

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